Chapter 6 - Sedimentary Rocks

Chapter 6 - Sedimentary Rocks - Chapter6Review(Bold print...

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Chapter 6 Review   (Bold print indicates potential quiz question) (1)  Sedimentary rocks are concentrated at or near the Earth’s surface.  Sedimentary rocks contain much of the  basic information needed to reconstruct Earth history.  This group is associated with many important energy  and mineral resources. Processes that form sedimentary rocks: weathering and/or erosion; transportation – water, wind, ice, gravity; deposition  – continental and marine environments; lithification – compaction, cementation (2) Sedimentary rock consists of sediment that has been lithified into solid rock. Sediment has two principal sources: (1) as detrital material, which originates and is transported as solid particles from both mechanical and chemical weathering, which, when lithified, forms detrital sedimentary rocks; and (2) from soluble material produced largely by chemical weathering, which, when precipitated, forms chemical sedimentary rocks. Coal is the primary example of a third group called organic sedimentary rocks which consist of organic carbon from remains of partially altered plant material. (3) Particle size is the primary basis for distinguishing among various detrital sedimentary rocks. The size of the particles in a detrital rock indicates the energy of the medium that transported them. For example, gravels are moved by swiftly  flowing rivers, whereas less energy is required to transport sand. Common detrital sedimentary rocks include  shale  (silt- and clay-size particles),  sandstone,  and  conglomerate  (rounded gravel-size particles) or  breccia  (angular gravel-size particles). Common detrital sedimentary rocks, in increasing size: shale 
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Chapter 6 - Sedimentary Rocks - Chapter6Review(Bold print...

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