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Karen Kolasinski March 25, 2010 IAH 241D Paper #1 Insane, Crazy, nuts, cuckoo, loony, mad, screwy; these are all words that can be used to describe one thing, the mental illness referred to as insanity . The metal illness, insanity, is a very common issue throughout the world, and it can cause many social problems . The play “The Masses are Asses” as well as “The Living room” discusses this issue . “Insanity, craziness or madness is a spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns” (Wikipedia) . “Currently, Mental illness is thought to be caused by a complex interaction of genetics and environment” (Merck) . The main theme used in both of these plays is mental insanity . It confuses and entertains the readers with the absurd actions of the characters . It also makes readers realize that everyone has their moments when they seem a little crazy; this does not mean everyone has some sort of mental illness, it just means that their human . Mental insanity is an issue that most people do not like to address, or do not think they should discuss publically, especially if they have a relative that has been diagnosed with a mental illness, but Pedro Pietri is not afraid to discuss this social issues . He does it in a way that makes it entertaining for the audience, but still discusses the social issues it causes . He over exaggerates some of the situations to make it seem less realistic so that it’s acceptable to laugh at it and make fun of the characters a little .
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In the first play, “The Living Room” at first, you just think that Vitico is the only insane, but throughout the play you see that everyone seems a little bit crazy at some point . It seems that there is usually at least one crazy relative in every family, but if you really think about it, everyone is a little crazy at times, some are just better at hiding it . In real life there are different degrees of mental illnesses, and this seems to be addressed in this play . Some of the people seem a little nuts at just one point in the play and others seem mad
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iah 241d paper 1 - Karen Kolasinski March 25, 2010 IAH 241D...

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