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Karen Kolasinski IAH 207 Section 13 Paper 1 Rewrite November 15, 2009 Disney is Beneficial “There is no action more loathsome than one that brings dishonor upon one’s ancestors” (Owen 68) . Disney does a pretty good job of depicting real elements of the Chinese culture in the movie Disney’s Mulan . There are many characteristics in this children film that are very similar to things discussed in many of the stories we have read in class . The movie Disney’s Mulan is based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, and the movie, for the most part, does a fine job showing the legend . There are actually a few minor differences between some of the legends of Mulan but for the most part they all have the same idea . A daughter pretends to be a son and goes to war for her weak father . Even though, Disney’s Mulan was made more for entertainment than reality, it still has a lot of things that are accurate when it comes to Chinese culture . Disney’s Mulan has an individual woman that speaks her own mine, many symbolic elements, a small army that fights a big one, and people that believe in their family which compares greatly to Chinese culture . First of all, in many of the stories we learned in class, as well as in Disney’s Mulan , there are woman that want to be individuals and be able to have a mind of their own . In Disney’s Mulan , as well as other stories, there is a match-maker that makes sure that woman are proper
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and ready to be suited for a match . Mulan fails her meeting with the match-maker horribly because she is not a proper lady . Mulan is a very individual woman just like many of the woman in many of our stories . She has a mind of her own, and back then this was viewed as a bad thing. Men wanted girls that were proper ladies and were not original at all . They want them to be posed and respectful to all men . Women were most likely treated like objects and had to do everything to please men . They started to realize that they could do their own thing, but the penalty for this was that they would be looked down upon . I think it is great that some woman
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iah 207 paper - Karen Kolasinski IAH 207 Section 13 Paper 1...

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