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Karen Kolasinski IAH 207 Section 13 Paper 2 November 22, 2009 Sometimes it’s Hard to Just Say How You Feel Poetry is a very unique form of writing and expressing one’s feelings . Many people have trouble talking about how they are feeling or how they feel towards someone, so they write poems to let their feelings out . The Man'yōshū is a perfect example of this because it is a huge book of poems written by people who just want to let others know how they are feeling . The Man’yōshū, which is “The Collection of Ten Thousands Leaves,” was created between the years 686 and 784; it was the earliest extant collection of Japanese poetry . It consists of 20 books with a total of 4,516 poems written by over 450 poets . There are many different types of poems in this collection. “[In this book there are] 265 chōka (long poems), 4,207 tanka (short poems), one tanrenga (short confectioning poem), one bussokusekika (poems on Buddha’s footprints at Yakushi-ji in Nara), four kanshi (Chinese poems), and 22 Chinese prose passages” (Wikipedia) . The dominant theme in these poems is love and its complications of loss and separation . Every poem in this book can be distinguished as either “public” or “private” expressions . “Public” expressions largely deal with the imperial family, and “private” expressions are known as “personal exchanges .” The
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Man’yōshū shows that human emotions have not changed over time and the lessons in these poems still mean the same as they did back then . Most people have experience love and the pain some go through for it or because of it . This has been going on for as long as humans have been around. Along with love, comes yearning for something you may not be able to have, but cannot help but want . One of the hardest things to do is let someone go and realize that you love them after it is too late; usually because they have found someone else . “If I did not care for you, who are as beautiful as the glowing purple of gromwell plants, would I dare to be so madly in love with you, knowing full well that you are another's wife?” (Poem No
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iah paper 2 - Karen Kolasinski IAH 207 Section 13 Paper 2...

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