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decarte - I use to believe in true love and soul mates I...

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I use to believe in true love and soul mates. I use to think that there was one person that you were meant to be with and you would know from the moment you saw them. I also believe that you could only truly fall in love with one person. Now I know longer really believe in any of this. I feel like true love is kind of a made up idea. People want to believe they are in love, but most cannot even example what it is. I do not believe this anymore because if all this was true then the divorce rate would not be so high and people would not being saying they were in love so often. I believe true love to be false because I have watched my relationships fail after the people claimed they were so in love. I think that he would say our beliefs are structured more like the second diagram because we like you start from the ground up. For example, people tear down those houses and build new ones from the ground up. I chose number 9 (The rabbit or the duck). At first I see a rabbit then I glance again and see a
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