Globalization module

Globalization module - globalization can be a little...

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EXAMINE the image carefully, focusing on the details of the image. What is depicted? What are the elements comprising each image? Are there any confusing or ambiguous elements in the image? What is this image trying to SAY? How do you know what the message is that it’s communicating? Suppose that the artist of each image is making a statement. Try to translate the visual image into a verbal message (you might pretend that you are writing an explanatory caption for each of your images). RESPOND to the image’s message in the text box below. Do you agree with the message or disagree? Is it offering a familiar or unusual message? Are there any other ways to read your message than the one you’ve already provided?
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I agree with that what the message is saying. It is talking about globalization and how
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Unformatted text preview: globalization can be a little extreme and frightening. You can also read it as companies are trying to monopolize, not just in the United States, but everywhere in the world. There are many companies depicted in this image such as: Disney, IBM, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Shell, Microsoft, CNN, and Nike. This entire image is a little ambiguous because now are these companies are actually hurting anyone physically, well not intentionally at least. It is a little confusing why Mickey Mouse is smiling but all the other Disney cartoon characters look very angry. The image is trying to say that these companies are taking over the world and it is scary people. People cannot handle all of this happening....
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Globalization module - globalization can be a little...

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