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Karen Kolasinski IAH 207 July 22 nd , 2010 Paper 1 Humans Crave Violence Just Like Sex “Mexican telenovelas remind Ghanaian women that, where sex is at issue, men are not to be trusted” (Appiah) . Many people tend to think that when it comes to sex, men cannot control themselves so women should not trust them . Sex and violence are both part of human nature, whether people like to admit it or not . People use sex and violence to instill power on others because people like to have control . Sex and violence are used as weapons against people, but sex, unlike violence, can also be a good thing . Kathy and Behrani and all the other characters are all stuff in a messed up situation and none of them like it . All of them want to feel like they have the upper hand in the house situation but no one is really sure who does or does not . In House of Sand and Fog, there is a lot of sex and violence taking place, and this is because the people in this book want to feel like they were in control and people use sex and violence to gain power over others, just like the military men in Congo used sexual violence to enlist the power they held over the civilians; most of this happens because people have a desperation to be in power or have control over a situation . When it comes to sex, most people, mainly men, feel they cannot be accountable for their accounts . People, mostly women, can hold great power over someone by having sex with them only when they want to . It seems that in many relationships and marriages, that sex can be used
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as a weapon as well as a reward . Kathy and Nadi seem to be using it more as a reward for the men in their life . It can also confuse people on how they truly feel about someone. For instance, after only knowing each other for a short time, Lester thinks that he loves Kathy . In reality she is just the other women, which most men find more exciting than their significant other but usually do not actually love this other person, they just lust after them
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iah paper - Karen Kolasinski IAH 207 July 22nd 2010 Paper 1...

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