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Karen Kolasinski ISS 215, Section 201 7/29/2009 The Goods and Evils of Alcohols Consumption When it comes to what is right and what is wrong, there are infinite issues that can be argued one way or another. However, what determines how one must act in society is based on a society’s rules and regulations, or the law. One popular issue that is debated and has caused more controversies than any other issue in United States history is alcohol consumption. Many strongly believe that alcohol should not be legal or push for strong restrictions on alcohol or activities involving alcohol. There are numerous organizations that have been developed to prevent or decrease alcohol abuse and alcohol related activities, such as MADD and AA. The United States has even made alcohol illegal at one point in history, with the 18 th Amendment. On the other hand, alcohol has been a part of the social culture of not only the United States, but most cultures around the world, since the beginning of civilization. Many supporters of alcohol believe in this idea and push to keep alcohol and alcohol related activities a part of modern society. During any given week there are events such a cocktail parties, tailgates, bar crawls, and others that encourage the consumption of alcohol. When the 18 th Amendment was passed, people still consumed alcohol illegally. Eventually, the U.S. had to re-amend the U.S. Constitution to overturn this amendment. Not only do people continue to support the legality of consuming alcohol, but they also push to loosen laws concerning alcohol such as the drinking age or when and where one can consume alcohol. However, even though the use of alcohol looks as it will never be illegal, people on the opposite side of the spectrum continue to push for more and more restrictions concerning the use of alcohol and activities related to the use of alcohol. Based on
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tradition and on cultural norms, it seems that alcohol should remain legal, but consumers should act responsibly and follow the rules and restrictions involving alcohol consumption. First and foremost, there are several arguments for and against allowing alcohol consumption to be legal at all. Those who disagree with the consumption of alcohol argue several points. People believe that ultimately alcohol is dangerous. People are killed every day by alcohol, yet it is one of the only mind altering substances that is still legal. People are killed by accidents involving drunk driving, by alcohol poisoning, by alcohol related violence, and by health conditions such as liver failure caused by alcohol abuse. Alcohol can also make one become extremely violent, careless, and/or destructive. Alcohol can lead to bad decisions involving sexual activity, unnecessary disputes, and/or a sense of immortality. From a supporter’s point of view, alcohol is part of the culture and traditions of our
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Alcohol Consumption_Karen_Kolasinski(2) - Karen Kolasinski...

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