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//Date:2/15/11 //NetID:aakashs //Collaborators: Section 3 Shiv Desai, Section 5 Cameron D /* In this code we will first ask the client to put in the amount of scores that will be put in and save it to the char array. Then you have to approve the input and change it to integers. After this is done we have to make sure that the size of array will be able to hold all the scores inputed. Since we do not have all the values entered in the array, we should get the input and check if the input has a negativ sign. Much more has to be checked but once the arry is full of all the values we sum the scores and give the average of the score and print it to the screen to the user*/ #include <iostream> #include <cctype> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; bool isnum(char []); bool ispos(char []); bool valuechecker(int); int main(){ char scores[100]; int size; cout << "How many scores do you want to enter:"; cin >> scores; int scoreArray[size]; bool valid; size = atoi(scores);
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sec03_aakashs_PROJ01 - /Date:2/15/11 /NetID:aakashs...

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