101syllabusSp2011 - Welcome to GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY 830:101...

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Welcome to GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY 830:101 PROFESSOR: Dr. Mark West Busch Psychology Bldg., Rm. 225 Office hours: After class, or by appointment any time email me REQUIRED: 1. Introduction to Psychology , 9th ed. Author: James W. Kalat 2. electronic Study Guide Also available for students interested in further reading about any topic in Psychology: INFOTRAC Exam scores: SAS Gradebook Your final grade will be determined from the average of your numeric scores on the three exams, plus in-class participation using your clicker. These averages will be curved to determine final grades. View examples of old exam questions View answers to example questions Reading assignments: All 16 chapters of the textbook will be covered, in sequence, by 12 lectures in 14 weeks. Therefore, if you read 1 chapter per week, you will fall behind. You will not be responsible for: (appendix to Chap. 2) (color vision in Chap. 4) (hypnosis in Chap. 10) (personality traits in Chap. 14) (all of Chapter 15) EXAMS: Exam 1 Chapters 1- 5 Exam 2 Chap. 6-10 Exam 3 Chap. 11-16 (excluding Chap. 15) All three exams will be held in the same lecture hall we use for class meetings. Each exam will occur after about 8 or 9 class meetings. Exam 3 will be held during finals week, according to
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101syllabusSp2011 - Welcome to GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY 830:101...

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