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Hello and welcome to Psychology 101! We will survey all major areas of psychology, covering 15 out of the 16 chapters in our textbook. You will come away from this course with the realization that psychology is a science--the science of mind and behavior. That means measurement and testing hypotheses, not merely psychotherapy for patients, although the latter is covered in one chapter (the chapter we skip, actually, due to lack of time). We will use an ebook to save you money, and clickers to generate in-class participation. We have a large lecture hall, but don’t sit in the back. I want everyone to sit up front, involved in class discussions. After one or two lectures, I will expect that you have read the assigned chapter for that day ahead of time, eliminating the need for me to drone on by myself. Instead, we will discuss concepts, findings of studies described in the textbook, etc. and I’ll answer your questions, all with the aim of your understanding the material. After three or four class meetings, each class will start with my asking
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Hello+and+welcome+to+Psychology+101-1 - Hello and welcome...

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