PROJ02 - 1 14:440:127– Introduction to Computers for...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 14:440:127– Introduction to Computers for Engineers PROJECT 02 - MatLab Rutgers University, Spring 2011 Instructor - Brenda V. Cortez INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Read everything in this documents before you start coding. 2. Develop a solution that makes use of only the material covered up to and including the LEC06 Notes, REC06 Problem Set, Lectures and the Video Tutorials posted on Sakai. 3. You are given a template file that contains some hints on how you could possibly implement the solution to this project problem. 4. Think about how you would solve this problem and write pseudocode for your algorithm. This basically means that you should write “almost code” that describes the logical series of steps your program will take in order to arrive at the answers. 5. For the provided XL spreadsheet, your program should render the exact output shown in TEST RUN SAMPLE . 6. Take a look at both the TEST RUN SAMPLE and the XL spreadsheet provided, so you can see the type of data you will be analyzing. Do the calculation, by hand, to get an idea of what you should be checking or doing as you try to develop the pseudocode. 7. When you are done coding your solution, copy and paste your code into a TXT file, and submit this along with your M-file to the Assignments and the Drop Box sections in Sakai. 8. Deadline is 10 PM on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 ....
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PROJ02 - 1 14:440:127– Introduction to Computers for...

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