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% Import Data into MatLab % type in help xlsread to see how to use this function % you will need to know how many times you want to repeat the analysis % run a loop, on each iteration, analyze the data of a SINGLE student % keep track of the totals for each group of assignment (i.e. PSs, PROJs,. ..) % When adding up items, make sure you neglect those that are NaN - find % them and don't use them - use isnan
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Unformatted text preview: % When a student has not take EXAM02, then you need to find the EXAM02 % score that would keep the AVG of the EXAM01+EXAM02 at 75%, not anything % lower than this % Once you have the earned percentage and the total percentage, then you % can calcualate the current numerical grade, and see in which range this % grade falls to find its letter grade equivalent....
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