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Interactive Response Devices This class will be using a Turning Technologies Student Response System as a tool to allow students to respond to questions from the instructor's presentations. Each student must have ResponseCard, or “clicker”, in order to be able to participate in this class. Your ResponseCard may be purchased online, directly from Turning Technologies, through a special e-commerce site that has been set up for Rutgers students. You may choose either of the ResponseCards shown: Below are the instructions for purchasing your ResponseCard from the online store. Go to the e-commerce site: https://store.turningtechnologies.com/index.cfm (or you may access it via the web site - www.turningtechnologies.com - under "Higher Education", then clicking "Student Store"). When prompted, enter the school code, click "OK", and wait for confirmation. The code for Rutgers students is : a3XV , and is case sensitive. Upon code being accepted, you should be redirected automatically into the unique online
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Unformatted text preview: store for Rutgers. • Choose your ResponseCard (as referenced above); and follow the instructions for ordering. IMPORTANT! After you receive your ResponseCard, you will need to go online and register it into this class. Please follow the instructions for doing this in the “ WebRegUtility-Student ” document. Need technical support? Call Turning Technologies' Support Team, M-F 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM at (877) 726-4602, or email: support @turningtechnologies.com . ResponseCard RF-LCD Product ID: RFC-03 Description: Handheld clicker device for instant feedback and polling. It includes an LCD screen that provides students with visual confirmation of selected response, channel setting and battery life. Price : $34.00 ResponseCard RF Product ID: RFC-02 Description: Handheld clicker device for instant feedback and polling. Price : $30.00...
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