REC05_Problems - 1 14:440:127– Introduction to Computers...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 14:440:127– Introduction to Computers for Engineers Recitation 05 Problems - Pertaining to LEC05 Notes Rutgers University, Spring 2011 Instructor - Brenda V. Cortez INSTRUCTIONS: • You can create a separate M-file for each of the problems in your recitation problem sets, so that you can reference back to your answers later when you study. • Save all your work to your MATLAB Files directory in the J: Drive. • An alternative to separate M-Files, is to create a single M-file for all the problems, and use %% to create a cell for each problem. Refer to my Video Tutorial on the topic of cells found in Video Tutorials > LEC04 Video Tutorials . • For all problems, always think about using good variable names, even if the problem doesn’t explicitly specify variable them; get used to defining your own. • Make sure you go through all the problems before the exam and ask any questions if you don’t understand why something works the way it does. • I suggest that you write simple pseudocode stating the algorithm you will use to solve each problem that requires a program. Then start typing your code. It may save you from errors. PROBLEMS: 1. Rewrite the following if statement as a switch statement if(x==5 | x==6) disp(‘one’) elseif(x==7) disp(‘two’) else disp(‘three’) end 2. Write Matlab code that finds the sum of all prime numbers from 211 to 300 , inclusive. ( inclusive means it includes 211 and 300 ). Display your answer, using fprintf , in the following format (inserting the correct answer from your calculations into the underlined por- tion): “The sum of all primes from 211 to 300 is 4048 .” 3. Assume that there already exists a matrix stored in the variable A . (To test your solution, you should make up your own matrix and store it as A ). Write MatLab code that, for any matrix stored in A , calculates and displays the sum of all composite numbers in that matrix. Note that composite numbers are those that are not prime (Hint: if you test if they are prime ( isprime ), Matlab returns “false”). 2 4. Ask the user to input a number. Do the following: • If the number is a positive, prime integer, display “Prime!” • If the number is a positive, composite integer, display “Composite!” • If the number is a negative integer, display “Negative” • If the number is zero, display “Zero” • In all other cases, display “Not an integer” Hint: make use of the fix function in your answer. 5. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is mathematically = Weight in Kg /(Height in meters) 2 . Write code to take input ask the user to enter his/her weight in pounds and height in inches, and display whether the person is he/she is underweight (BMI < 18), normal(BMW is 18-25) or overweight (more than 25). Hint: you need to look up the inches to meters conversion....
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REC05_Problems - 1 14:440:127– Introduction to Computers...

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