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Creating a Personal Mission Statement Definition of a Personal Mission Statement - A formal statement regarding what a person hopes to achieve during his or her lifetime. It includes an individual’s personal objectives, their long term goals and a guiding philosophy by which they will lead their life. Your Mission for This Assignment – To create your own personal mission statement. In order to do this, please follow these four preliminary steps: 1) Identify five values that you hold dear. Examples include (please don’t restrict yourself to these alone) – a comfortable life, an adventurous life, friendship, wisdom, a sense of accomplishment, financial security. For each value, think about Why it is important, How it has affected your past behavior and in What ways you can affirm it through your future behavior. 2) Consider what you want your major product (YOU) to be. What do you want to be known and remembered for? Your work? Your family? Your good deeds? Your relationships with others? Something you’ve created such as art, photos, writing?
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