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Unformatted text preview: Informational Interview 10 points, Due 3/1 An informational interview is a meeting in which a student asks for advice, rather than employment. Informational interviews provide students with the opportunity to begin developing their network of professional contacts, as well as learn firsthand about career fields of interest. You will complete one informational interview with a professional working in a position, occupation, or career field of interest to you. The individual should not be a relative, close friend, or current supervisor. Although interviews conducted over the phone are acceptable, we encourage you to conduct an in-person interview if possible. After you complete the informational interview, write a brief 1-2 page summary that covers the following areas: - Why you chose the interviewee - Overview of the questions you asked - Summary of the information you received - Summary of what you learned as a result of the interview - Explanation of how the informational interview affected your view of the career field or...
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Informational_Interview_Assignment_Guide - Informational...

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