Section 7 ProCon Speech Topics

Section 7 ProCon Speech Topics - File sharing of...

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Pro/Con Speech Topic (Section 7 - Donnie) Pro Con Everyone should use Facebook Savannah Surfus Samantha Stover Study abroad programs should be a mandatory component of an undergrad education Caleb Nyquist Macy Wallace Men and women cannot be just friends Mwemba Mwemba Factory farming should be banned The amount of plastic surgeries one person is allowed should be limited Shaniqua Richardson Kaleigh Wilson Everyone should use a Macintosh computer Ivan Momchilov Climate change is a problem Arisknight Winfree STD testing should be mandatory for dating show contestants Taylor Ritter
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Unformatted text preview: File sharing of copyrighted material should be legal over the internet Nicholas Leveque Zachary Shafer Educators should permit Wikipedia as a credible source Gina Park Hilary Schroeder Couples should be required to take a test to receive a marriage license Christopher West A communications class should be a requirement to graduate Ting Ting Ni Alex Wilgenbusch Women should be allowed to breastfeed in public Tara Stratford Natalie Yousif All textbooks should be available electronically instead of in print Mark Small Christian Richard...
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Section 7 ProCon Speech Topics - File sharing of...

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