Short, Intermediate, and Long Term Goals

Short, Intermediate, and Long Term Goals - will need...

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Caleb Nyquist Personal Finance HDFS 238- Section 1 Short Term: I am going on vacation to Cape Cod, Massachusetts July 2011. In order to accomplish this goal I will need $800.00 so I will need to save $133.33 each month for 6 months. Intermediate Goal: I am going on Study Abroad to Scotland August 2013. This will cost $4200.00 so I
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Unformatted text preview: will need $135.48 per month in order to have the amount of money in order to go to Scotland. Long Term Goal: I am going to buy a motorcycle in 6 years which will cost $8000.00. In order to have the money when 6 years are up I will need to start saving $111.11 per month....
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