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Enhanced Essay Assignment Final - Nyquist 1 Caleb Nyquist...

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Unformatted text preview: Nyquist 1 Caleb Nyquist IAH 207- Section 60 Andrea Walsh February 13, 2011 Enhanced Essay Assignment In this mini position paper I will be arguing for the second theory of race which involves Bernier, Voltaire and Kant. My position for this paper is that defining race is only an attempt for justifying personal gain. All three of these authors are good examples when talking about theory two because their writings can be used in order to show how the definition of race can be used for personal or cultural gain. Through Bernier's travels he saw many different kinds of people, and with these experiences was able to divide the earth not by it's regions, but by a few different races. The first reason that supports my claim is that Bernier uses beauty affiliated with the races he characterized for personal gain. While reading Bernier it is obvious that he is not only classifying different races as he has seen them around the world, but at the same time praising his own people, Europeans, through how he writes about the different races. In the book The Idea of Race Bernier says, the blacks of the Cape of Good Hope seem to be a different species to those from the rest of Africa. They are small, thin, dry, ugly (Bernier, pg. 3) The author is putting what he calls a 'different species' in a bad light which in the end makes Europeans look better. Bernier speaks about beauty in his works, and from this we come to understand his boasting about Europeans. When Bernier is talking about beauty he says, It arises not only from water, the diet, the soil, and the air, but also from the seed...
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Enhanced Essay Assignment Final - Nyquist 1 Caleb Nyquist...

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