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senior speech - Akash Dalsania Mrs Anderson Senior...

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Akash Dalsania Mrs. Anderson Senior Seminar/Contemporary Literature Senior Speech Imagine Living in a Cage, something like a jail cell. You are alone. No family, no friends. You are completely isolated. Food is not served to you on your cue, that’s if you are fed at all. The lights in your room go on an off not on your cue. If you cant sleep with the bright lights on, too bad. Then one day for doing absolutely nothing you are taken out of your cell and because this knew chemical is being tested, it is put into your eyes to burn them out. I know what you guys are thinking. I can’t compare humans and rats like that. I mean we’re humans and they’re just animals. Raise your hand if you own a dog in here. Well we have decided that since dog eyes are more closely related to human eyes than rat eyes are, we are going to take the same chemical and do the test on your dog’s eyes. The chemical will hurt the dogs but pain killers are too expensive and we don’t like to spend too much money. All the dogs will go blind and some might die but it doesn’t matter right? Because after all dogs are just…animals.
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Harsh Tests like this one are done all over the America. In fact our Environmental Protection Agency has done a test in which dogs were put into cages and poisonous gas and pesticides were shot into the cages until the dogs helplessly died. Our Food and Drug Administration did a test in which they put fluoride into rat’s mouths to erode their teeth and eventually the rats were killed in the process. Sun pet is another organization that has been proved to do animal testing. Sun pet did animal tests on many animals and then after the tests were done the rats that had been used were gassed if they were lucky. Some unlucky ones were put in plastic bags and banged against a table until they died, a video of this can be seen on the PETA organization website. Unfortunately these three groups are not the only to major groups that do animal testing. Other organizations that also have done harsh animal testing include The Department of Agriculture, The Consumer Product Safety Commission, the national institute of environmental heath
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senior speech - Akash Dalsania Mrs Anderson Senior...

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