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Methods - th word is presented The experimental subject...

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George Linen Jr. 7 December 2010 Methods Method - the subject will view 30 words at a rate of 1 word every two seconds. This experiment consists of two participants , the subject and the data collector. The Materials are a pencil, paper, and computer with the experiment 2 slides. The subjects from the experimental group will have to accomplish an extra task after the word presentation. Control subjects will only recall the original 30 words. After the 30
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Unformatted text preview: th word is presented: The experimental subject will have 30 seconds to view 12 different words that are all on one page and then alphabetize them. Post interference, the subject will be allowed 45 seconds to write down (recall) as many of the first, or required list. The control subject will be allowed 45 seconds to recall from the list as many as he or she is able to. All results will be circled by the data collector....
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