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Yogi Patel Humility Often time’s people have a sense of ego when they do something or accomplish a difficult goal. The easy way out is to brag about it and boost their accomplishment in other people’s faces for recognition and to build ego. However the harder way out is by showing humility; the ability to give others credit for their actions. Humility is found everywhere but it is our job to be able to look within others to find it. It has to come from us first in order to find the trait with-in others after, it has to be our responsibility to accept that there will always be someone better than; this way we are prepared to look for good qualities within others. Humility can be found when a person with high standing doesn’t make someone else feel inferior and is ready to connect with the person however much difference they may have. My line-brother, Dipit Patel, shows a great example of how humble a person can be. He comes from
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Unformatted text preview: a very well-off family but never boasts about it. I never knew him before the process but throughout the process I found out that he was a very nice guy. I also found out that he was very rich but never once did he make anyone else in the line feel inferior to him. Rather he was always happy to buy everyone food or drinks and was always inviting everyone over to his room. Humble also comes in the form of modesty Usually when someone accomplished a goal they tend to boast about their goal even if it becomes their distant past and tend to forget their present. Ronald Reagan once said “There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit”. This is true in many cases because if always look at your past accomplishment, you leave no room for improvement and for future accomplishments....
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