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Yogi Patel Jared Weigley 2/21/11 Expos: DC KJDJDJ Voters always played a giant role in shaping America because it is a democratic nation that firmly believes in democracy. Being a democratic society means that you allow voters to choose they want to place into power. This has several benefits because it usually allows the public in a majority to get what they want and everyone has an equal certain voting power. In a democratic state everyone is entitled a voice of opinion as well. However this power is very limited according to Caplan. Caplan believes that democracy gives away too much power especially since it is based on majority and usually the private choice goes unheard. He describes how often times the private choice is usually the opinion with the most insight because they are politically educated. He believes that the public is usually uneducated in politics and tend to be one-minded; the invasion of the Persian Gulf for oil is the perfect example of this. Bacevich gives an in-depth explanation as to how America became extremely reliant on foreign oil. Bacevich talks about how it all happened because the public wanted it, the presidents were forced to comply with the public because any other method would have annoyed the majority of the people. Often times these officials are slaves to the public in a democratic nation because they are elected by the people. This basically means that they must comply with the voters since they are subjected to listen to the uneducated public. Voters that arose from democracy often have tremendous personal power that they fail to recognize; controlled by their materialistic desire the politicians often times go at great lengths to please the voters even if it with force.
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America was founded in the principles that every citizen is subjected to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But the real question is; has America taken right to the pursuit of happiness to a different level? The government needs the public to function properly, so they are inclined to spoil the citizens with various incentives. Caplan explains this belief when he says “That voters are largely unselfish and politicians usually comply with public opinion” (Caplan 108). The politicians are forced to comply with public opinion or else they would be consistently
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essay 2 fd - Yogi Patel Jared Weigley Expos DC KJDJDJ...

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