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Study Questions for Plato’s Crito 1. What does Crito want Socrates to do? (44e-45c) What reason does Crito give in 44c, and how does Socrates respond? Crito wants Socrates to save himself, to not go to jail. Crito says that if Scorates does not take the money and get out, that Crito will look like a bad friend. 2 . What reason does Crito give in 45c? What reasons does Crito give to support this position? (45c-46a) Crito tells Socrates that there are people who want to help, and that by going to jail Socrates will be betraying his sons when he could be educating them. By going to jail Socrates will be putting shame on others. 3 . What does Socrates believe regarding the opinions of others about himself? How does he defend this position? (46c-48d) Socrates doesn’t think that all opinions should be taken seriously, some but not others. The opinions of those who are knowledgeable should be taken into consideration. 4
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