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Intro Midterm Exam stdy qstns

Intro Midterm Exam stdy qstns - Study Questions for Midterm...

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Study Questions for Midterm Exam I will pick two of the following essay questions for the midterm exam. 1. From the Maritain readings, explain what philosophy is, how it differs from the special sciences (contrast it with the two errors here), and why this difference is important. Explain how philosophy is related to common sense. Contrast this with the errors of the "Scottish School" and the "Rationalist School". What is scientism, and what is wrong with it? How is knowledge gained through empirical science compatible with philosophical knowledge? 2 . Trace the answers to the problem of change from Thales through the pre-Socratics to Plato. How does each account for unity and diversity? 3 . Summarize Socrates’s argument in the Euthyphro regarding the relation between piety and what is loved by the gods. Explain how the solution offered by Augustine avoids the problems accompanying divine command theory and the subordination of God to the Good.
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