Phaedo I stdyq stns - Study questions I for Platos Phaedo:...

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Study questions I for Plato’s Phaedo : 1 . What is the context for Socrates’s discussion in this dialogue? It is the day of death for Socrates. 2 . What message does Socrates send to Evenus, and why does Socrates think that Evenus will follow his advice? (61b-c) Socrates sends the message to Evenus to follow soon. Socrates believes Evenus will follow his advice because he too is a philosopher. 3 . What is Cebes’s question in 61e, and what is Socrates’s reply? (62a-c) Cebes asks why people say it isn’t right to commit suicide? It isn’t right to commit suicide if it is not God’s wish. We belong to the Gods, we are not our own. We also belong to our community. When it becomes a necessity, then it is right. 4 . Explain Cebes’s and Simmias’s view of dying, and the reason behind it. (62d-63a) Cebes believes that only the foolish would rejoice at leaving one who is better than himself. People want to live as long as possible to be with the presence of God. Simmias agrees with Cebes and thinks that by leaving, Socrates is leaving his good masters. 5 . Explain Socrates’s attitude toward death. What reason for this attitude does he give in 63b-c? (See #8 below) Socrates embraces death because he believes he will be in good company when he dies. Socrates believes he will be surrounded by Gods and men from the past who are better due to the life after death. 6
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Phaedo I stdyq stns - Study questions I for Platos Phaedo:...

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