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Republic Bk2 stdy qstns - Study Questions for Platos...

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Study Questions for Plato’s Republic Book II 1 . Explain Glaucon’s three kinds of goods. What sort of good does Socrates believe justice to be? (357a-e) What sort of good did most people of Socrates’s time believe justice to be? (358a) 1) things we desire only for their consequences (physical training, medical treatment) -Glaucon 2) things we desire only for their own sake (joy) 3) things we desire for both their own sake and what we get from them (knowledge, sight, health)- Socrates At this point in history people believed justice to be among the goods that were desired only for their consequences. 2 . What was the popular explanation for the origin of justice? (358e-359b) We engage in justice out of dear and weakness. We know we would suffer worse without justice. 3 . Glaucon, playing devil’s advocate, argues that those who practice justice do so unwillingly. How does he make this argument? (359b-360d) Glaucon tells the legend of the ring of Gyges. The ring makes man invisible, and without being held liable even the most-just man would indulge in being materialistic, power-hungry, and lustful.
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