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THE100 Study Guide, Fall 2009 Final Exam 1 Study Guide For Final Exam This is NOT everything! I reserve the right to pull PROMINENT items or themes from the chapters you read. Make sure you look at the quizzes and the questions at the back of each chapter. The Middle Ages Questions asked in the Early Church and in the Middle Ages Who and what How and why Important Medieval Developments (the three listed in class) Universities, papal power, Muslim invasions The Philosopher of the Early Church Plato THE Philosopher in the Middle Ages Aristotle Value of Bonaventure and Thomas Aquinas Synthesizers of Aristotle Fall out from the Muslim Invasions in the east Brought documents and scholars to the west Reintroduced Aristotle Scholasticism: Be able to define and describe its characteristics Definition: academic theology Based on rationalism-reason ruled May be said to have sprung from the discussion of the dialecticians. Pelagius’ Views on Salvation Creationism: new soul at time of birth No connection to Adam’s sin Born innocent but sin by bad examples Jesus is helpful but not necessary for salvation Augustine’s Views on Salvation Traducianism-soul is passed from generation to generation All souls are marred by Adam’s sin Before free to choose but desiring what is sinful Jesus is essential for salvation What each believes we can do for salvation The role of Jesus in each person’s thought The role of grace in each person’s thought Anslem’s Conclusions on Why God Became Man God could pay the debt but did not owe Man owed a debt he could not pay Godman both owed the debt and could pay it Johann Tetzel A German Dominican preacher accused for selling indulgences and for a couplet attributed to him. Provoked Luther. Topics
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Theology of the Middle Ages Scholasticism The Reformation Prelude to Reformation: simony, pluralism, absenteeism, merits Luther’s Revelation- 4 solas Luther Righteousness from God is revealed in the gospel The Four Solas How you are saved Grace Alone Salvation comes by God’s favor and forgiveness and not through human works. Works follow grace and do not precede it.
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THE100 Study Guide - THE100 Study Guide Fall 2009 Final...

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