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theo paper 1 - Rebecca Austin October 29, 2010 THEO 100...

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Rebecca Austin October 29, 2010 THEO 100 – Wickman The Last Supper and its Relation to Passover The passage I will be discussing is Luke 22:7-23. It is Luke’s account of the Last Supper – the meal that Jesus shared with his twelve disciples the night before his crucifixion. This passage interests me due to its connection to the events of Passover in the Old Testament. My thesis is that the Last Supper directly fulfills the foreshadowing present in Exodus in the description of Passover in Egypt and emphasizes the symbol of Jesus as the sacrificial lamb. I will prove the above thesis in a few ways. First, I will point out the historical context of this passage and why it is significant. Secondly, I will look at common interpretations of certain words and phrases within this passage. Lastly, I will explain the correlation between Exodus’ Passover and Luke’s Passover and why this is important.
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Although it is commonly referred to as the “Last Supper” for this reason, the disciples were not aware that Jesus would be crucified the next day. At this point in time, Judas had not yet betrayed Jesus. However, Jesus foretells of Judas’ future betrayal at this dinner. The Last Supper occurs on the first night of Passover. This provides direct historical evidence of a deeper meaning and plan. The correlation of these dates was not a coincidence, but rather a tool to guide us to the true meaning of these events. People commonly interpret Jesus as the Lamb of God due to the prevalence of the comparison throughout scripture. However, some believe that the bread and the wine literally become a part of Jesus’ body. This interpretation takes the passage too literally. Although the disciples ate bread and wine, the food is meant to be symbolic of the eating of the lamb during Passover and the nourishment from faith in Jesus Christ. Others believe that the Last Supper is purely Jesus’ last meal with his disciples before his crucifixion, and it functions as him relaying duties to his disciples before his death. My interpretation of this passage is that the Last Supper functions as our
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theo paper 1 - Rebecca Austin October 29, 2010 THEO 100...

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