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Rebecca Austin March 30, 2011 Country Assignment Jamaica Jamaica is a small tropical island in the Bahamas. Located south of Cuba, Jamaica is characterized by mountainous, coastal plains and its vast beaches. Jamaica is home to three major cities, with Kingston being its capital, and Montego Bay and Spanish Town both housing significant portions of the population. Jamaica houses a little under 3 million people with 90% of them being of African descent. East Indian, mixed, and small portions of Chinese and white people make up the remainder of the population. Protestantism is the most common religion in Jamaica, while only 4% of the population is Roman Catholic. However, 35% of the population reports to practicing various other religions, 24,000 of which are Rastafarians – potentially the religion that Jamaica is most stereotypically known for. Religion is extremely important to Jamaicans – Jamaica has the highest number of churches per capita of any country in the world. One can typically find references to religion in many aspects of everyday Jamaican life, such as song or even conversation. English is the official language of Jamaica, but Patois (also known as Creole), which is a combination of English and various African languages, is often used as well. Patois is not a written language, but most Jamaicans can speak and understand it. Jamaica was first settled by people of the Arawak tribe from South America. In 1494, Christopher Columbus landed on the island, beginning an era of European control. Jamaica was
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first controlled by Spain, then was eventually taken over by Britain. The abundance of sugar as a natural resource made Jamaica a hot commodity among Europeans. Jamaica finally gained some
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jamaica report - Rebecca Austin March 30, 2011 Country...

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