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Alcohol Essay - According to my...

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According to, my alcohol consumption habits are not likely to be harming my health because I don’t drink more than the USDA Recommended Guidelines. These results tell me that I am aware of the harm of alcohol and understand how to manage my drinking and avoid situations involving alcohol that would put me at risk. I spend very less of my money on alcohol. Alcohol is not a primary necessity for me and would avoid spending money on it and would rather spend it on things that are more important. Alcohol has always been present in my life but I never allowed it to make a significant impact on me. I drink moderately as a way to integrate in the social crowd. There’ll be rare times where I will abuse the substance but I will always be aware of the consequences and would take full responsibilities of my actions under the influence. I have a strong general understanding of how alcohol can be a detriment to my health, work, and relationships. If I were to be in a situation where I would be highly intoxicated I would take responsibility to stop drinking and taking care of myself instead of furthering my
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Alcohol Essay - According to my...

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