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Respiratory Sample Questions F09 - Respiratory Sample...

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MCB32 Respiratory Sample Questions 1 Respiratory Sample Questions F09 MCB32 True/False 1. Most gas exchange occurs in the bronchi. 2. Air flows into the lungs when atmospheric pressure is greater than alveolar pressure. 3. When the diaphragm contracts the pressure in the lung increases 4. Lung capacities are sums of two or more lung volumes. 5. The partial pressure of oxygen decreases at high altitude because the percentage of oxygen in the air is decreased. 6. Increasing the partial pressure of a gas increases the amount of that gas which will dissolve in a fluid. 7. The rhythmicity center is located within the medulla oblongata. 8. An increase in the arterial partial pressure of CO 2 will increase arterial plasma pH. 9. Increasing arterial blood pH increases the affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen. Short Answer 1. Describe the properties that are common to and which distinguish somatic stem cells from embryonic stem cells. 2. Define 3 features of the "Cancer Stem Cell Hypothesis". 3. Specifically, where within the lung do lung stem cells localize? How is this anatomical localization important for lung function? Multiple Choice 1. Gas exchange occurs within the: A The trachea B The conducting zone C The alveoli D All of the above 2. Which of the following is true? A Blood in the pulmonary veins is low in oxygen B Blood in the pulmonary arteries is low in carbon dioxide C The oxygen concentration of inspired air is higher than that of alveolar air D All of the above 3. During inspiration: A Alveolar pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure B Pleural pressure increases C The diaphragm relaxes D The pressure inside the lungs is less than atmospheric pressure
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MCB32 Respiratory Sample Questions 2 4. The amount of gas dissolved in the blood: A Is directly proportional to the solubility of the gas B Increases at higher altitudes C Is described primarily by Boyle’s law (PV=nRT) D All of the above 5. Which of the following will cause an increase in ventilation: A Hypocapnia B Low blood CO 2 C high blood CO 2 D An increase in blood pH 6. Central chemoreceptors are excited when: A Arterial oxygen increases B Arterial blood pH increases C Arterial carbon dioxide increases D All of the above 7. Chemoreceptors in the carotid bodies respond directly to: A Changes in arterial carbon dioxide B Changes in arterial blood pressure C Changes in arterial pH D All of the above 8. Increased concentrations of 2,3 DPG
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Respiratory Sample Questions F09 - Respiratory Sample...

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