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Page 1 of 27 1 Image of radiation therapy-induced baldness and the info following are from, retrieved January 13, 2009. Drugs designed to kill cancer cells also poison the hair follicles and often result in total hair loss. Hair on the head is most commonly affected. The scalp may become tender; and hair that is still growing may become dry and brittle. Usually hair loss starts approximately 2-3 weeks after the first dose of chemotherapy, with total hair loss generally occurring 1-2 months later. Hair often grows back 3-4 months after the last chemotherapy treatment. As hair may grows back, it may Rev. February 4, 2009 (5:57pm) F:\SWT\HA4315\Class notes\Spring 2009 version\C_6 Spg 09.wpdClass 6 notes Reduce, reuse, restore, recycle HA 4315 I. Objectives and logistics A. Flow chart assignment due B. Overview of what radiation therapy is. C. Introduction to the exercise on brainstorming one or more of the problem areas from the radiation therapy report as to what caused the problem and as to what could be done to solve the problem. 1. Groups then use affinity diagrams to organize the output. 2. Groups then use multi weighted voting to rank either the causes or the solutions. D. Memory Jogger II , pp. 91-94, nominal group technique, multi-voting, and one half plus one. E. Memory Jogger II , pp. 12-18, affinity diagrams. II. What is radiation therapy? A. Overview of radiation therapy People who need radiation therapy are not going to be particularly happy about having to get the treatment. These people have cancer. The cancer is sufficiently serious that they may be at risk of death or disfigurement from surgical removal of the cancer. There are three basic ways to treat cancer: Surgery, where you cut out the cancerous tissue. Chemotherapy, where the person is given drugs that kill the cancer cells and a lot of other cells too. These people often go bald. When they get radiation therapy of the scalp they may go bald and the hair is not likely to grow back. 1 Those undergoing chemotherapy Figure 1 : Chemo and radiation: now deceased. Figure 2 : Radiation therapy baldness
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Page 2 of 27 be thinner and a different color, which may be gray or white, due to the absence or alteration of pigment. In most cases hair eventually returns to its original texture and color. Radiation therapy destroys the ability of all cells within its reach to grow and reproduce. If radiation is applied around the head or neck, hair loss will occur as alopecia, and may not grow back. 2 Information on radiation therapy here is taken from, retrieved January 12, 2009. 3
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Class Six Notes - Page 1 of 27 Class Six Agenda Objectives...

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