Control Mechanism - Control Mechanism 1 Control Mechanisms...

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Control Mechanism 1 Control Mechanisms Reginya Wright, Darren Aguero, Robert Goodlet, Susan Sands, Veronica Velazquez, University of Phoenix MGT 330: Management Tyler Maits March 20, 2008
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Control Mechanism 2 Control Mechanism The manufacturing environment is constantly changing to stay ahead of the market and understand what is required to do more with less. Control mechanisms must be set from the top down in any organization. The top mechanisms focused on in Leslie Control’s are feed forward control, concurrent control, external audits, and market controls. Feed Forward Control Mechanism Feed forward control is a mechanism used when the process is understood and can be easily measured (Apics, n.d.). Manufactured parts are generated through the engineering department and approved before they are released for machining. Eighty percent of the parts are “like” items that have been previously machined. There are occasions where parts can not be manufactured at Leslie Control’s due to machining capabilities but with the current measures that are taken up front this is determined before the parts are loaded to the machine shop. Feed forward control allows for effective production and helps prevent waste. Concurrent Control Mechanism Concurrent control is a process used while plans are being carried out (University of Phoenix, 2007). A simple example of concurrent control is modifying a cake recipe while the cake is being prepared. The production software system at Leslie Control’s is not a state of the art modern system. The data is very basic but it provides employees with the necessary
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Control Mechanism - Control Mechanism 1 Control Mechanisms...

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