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ECON2206/ECON3290: Introductory Econometrics Session 1, 2009 Tutorial Assignment for Week 4 Multiple Regression - Estimation Solutions to this tutorial assignment will be collected at the beginning of the tutorial. Attach a printout of your SHAZAM output to your answers (otherwise full credit will not be awarded). 1. Explaining Educational Choices - Based on Wooldridge, Problem 3.2 The data in WAGES.RAW was used to examine the factors which in fl uenced an individual’s level of educational attainment. For the sample individuals the following multiple regression estimates were obtained: d educ = 10 . 36 0 . 110 sibs + 0 . 324 meduc + 0 . 192 feduc n = 884 , R 2 = 0 . 314 where educ is years of schooling, sibs is number of siblings, meduc is mother’s years of schooling, and feduc is father’s years of schooling. (i) Does meduc have the expected e ff ect ? Explain. Holding sibs and feduc fi xed, by how much does meduc have to increase to increase predicted years of education by one year ? (A noninteger answer is acceptable.)
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