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“I believe that to “do unto others as you would that they should do unto you” John D. Rockefeller, The Personal Relation in Industry - Page 210 lines 58-59 This quote is so basic yet so necessary in life and relationships. This quote basically means do unto others as you would have them do unto you. John D. Rockefeller is just saying you must be careful how you treat people because how you treat them is how they will treat you. When you treat someone poorly they will come back and do the same if not worse to you, so in essence treat everyone equal and with respect. In the business aspect of this quote it provides the absolute necessities for a business to run smoothly and not have a bad reputation. When a business leader tries to screw over someone else, that person will do the exact same when he or she has the opportunity. If a business does not live by this quote eventually they will be consumed by everyone being against them. In the good part of this if a business leader helps someone else out that person will do the same out of
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Unformatted text preview: respect and then they both gain. I don’t try to live by this quote every day of my life I do live by this quote. This quote says it all perfect in every way, and one who does not listen and live by it ends up nowhere in life. For example the kids who picked on the nerdy kid in high school and then that kid ends up being a billionaire in life, do you really think he will ever help those bullies out? Take the kid who treated him with respect and later can’t find a job but he gives that nerd a call guess who will now get a job. In all honesty one should not treat another with respect just based on that, but life in general one must always give someone a chance before judging another if they don’t they have already missed out on friendships and all the other goodies one gets, and they just miss out on life in general. Never judge a book by its cover....
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