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“And it is even more to the point that property now becomes the most easily recognized evidence of a reputable degree of success as distinguished from heroic or signal achievement.” Thorstein Veblen, Pecuniary Emulation And Conspicuous Consumption From “Theory Of The Leisure Class” - page 265 line 61-64 This quote broken down into its simplest form is just that man requires external things to show his position and spot in life. Such as when a business man drives a Ferrari or Mercedes around town it lets everyone knows that he is a good business man and that he has made it. This quote is so true just look at a business building the bigger the skyscraper the bigger the company is and the more wealth they have over others. From a business standpoint this is great to; because nothing motivates an employee or a consumer than something they can show off have everyone stare at their car, because they have earned it. What motivates an employee to work harder than a boss showing him his mansion or
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  • Spring '08
  • Elsberry
  • conspicuous consumption, Thorstein Veblen, business standpoint, good business man, easily recognized evidence, super fast Ferrari

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