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Franklin 2

Franklin 2 - happens to anyone who becomes poor and how...

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“But poverty often deprives a man of all spirit and virtue.” Benjamin Franklin, From the works of Benjamin Franklin - page 395 lines 24-26 Mr. Franklin’s quote is so easy to understand and so true, this quote literally nails it on the head. When a person has no money their live hood or who they are is pretty much stripped from him and all morals are tossed out the window. When virtue is gone a human turns to something else and will do whatever it takes to survive or take the other way out. This quote in my opinion should be locked in everyone’s head and never achieved. From a business aspect this quote is also great and definitely pertains to business. Once a business has run out of money or is dying they will start to cheat and do horrible things to survive or the CEO’s will know about it and lose their virtue and take whatever they can from its stockholders or employees so they can survive. This quote is phenomenal and tells us what
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Unformatted text preview: happens to anyone who becomes poor and how easy it is for a man to lose his morals over something as simple as money. I can definitely relate to this quote on many levels, because I have actually been poor and my parents have filed for bankruptcy before. A man really and truly does lose his spirit when poverty has been achieved. I have never seen my Father how he is today, the man has no drive anymore, and he is clinically depressed, poverty is literally taking the life out of him. I also believe this quote has an underlying meaning such as the word “often” in this quote; it is there for a reason, but why? In my opinion it’s because “often” means that the men who become poor and who don’t lose their spirit or virtue come back stronger than ever better man they ever were they actually appreciate what they have worked so hard for and begin to live by Francis Bacons quote on page 375 line 28-30....
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