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“But not to provide refreshments is one way of becoming a millionaire.” Ihara Saikaku, The Eternal Storehouse of Japan from “Nippon Eitaigura” - page 337 line 45-47 I absolutely love this quote from Saikaku, because it shows you just how frugal this man and the dedication required becoming what everyone wants to be “a millionaire”. This quote is just simply stating in a very different and fun way, that one must not flaunt his wealth or spend it on things that will not bring the bacon home one must give up things to achieve others, no matter what. To be frugal you must be rich. From a business stand point this quote is absolutely the motto or should be for businesses that struggle or need help from our Government. When a company spends money on dumb things like jets, expensive food, or long vacations that company is by far too stupid, because one must never spend the capital of the company or else it will fail. A business must be frugal and smart
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Unformatted text preview: with their money or all that hard work of becoming a millionaire will be stripped away. When a business follows this I guarantee that company stands above the rest and will certainly survive any economic hit. I really want to live by this quote more than anything else, but to get to that point is very hard to achieve. There is always something new out that I want to get or I want to eat out or the bills I have to pay. I have sat down in class and literally worked out how much I could save a year to throw into a mutual fund and how much money I could actually make, and it seems so unreal it’s crazy. Saikaku was a brilliant man it completely makes sense and should just be so easy to live by, but in today’s society it just seems so hard with TV, phones and all these objects now needed by society today. I really need to live by this quote, because by giving up a little now I can reward myself with way more later in life, and be happy and prosper....
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