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comm - Lea Li t t leford Comm 100-103 Erick Leonard Hello...

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Lea Littleford Comm. 100-103 Erick Leonard Hello Class my name is Erick Leonard and today I have the pleasure to talk about Allison McGrath and how I think she is related to a Frisbee golf disc. I will start this off today by giving you a little story about Allison to truly show what kind of person Allison is. Its 11:00am on a warm august day in Park city Utah, at a ski resort called “The Canyon” and “The Canyon” is home to one of the largest Frisbee Golf Courses in the country. Allison has been planning this trip with her two best friends for months, and she is so excited. They take the ski lift all the way to the top of the mountain, and they are ready to play this whole course. The first whole goes Phenomenal Allison throws her disc straighter than ever before and the disc is maybe forty feet from the hole, and her friends do just the same. Then comes hole number two, and Allison throws another line drive, but when her friends turn came along she let it go to late and it went straight up and strait off the mountain all the way down to this river. Allison being
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