Hist 120 Proposal paper

Hist 120 Proposal paper - when the son of God Jesus had...

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Erick Leonard Hist 120 Hist 120 Proposal paper The problem or question I will be facing, is where did Christianity come from, what was it meant to be, and where did it eventually end up? When Christianity finally dug its teeth I, it completely changed the modern world at the time. Christianity was created to teach men to be good to all and always uphold the love for God and you shall prosper if not here, then in an afterlife. In thought it made men stronger, because once a person has 100% belief in something nothing can stop a man and no one shall ever break that man such as torture and etc. Christianity created an enormous amount of wealth, soldiers, followers, and pretty much ruled the world at one point with a single thought “God”. Christianity I believe was meant for something great it had a purpose, but once man had his grasp on it, it was changed and bent to their will. Man had turned a great belief and thought into the most powerful weapon. Christianity was in the making
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Unformatted text preview: when the son of God Jesus had come to us in mortal form. Jesus was born out of virgin birth and into a not so wealthy family. Jesus was unlike any other God the world has seen before. Jesus was a carpenter, he was not wealthy or divine, but mortal and one of the people. Jesus also did not love the nobles but he loved the poor and the unfortunate. So I am proposing a paper on the thought of Christianity, where it started and where it went, and of course it will be in far greater detail with lots of facts backing it up. I will use the readings from Laws Gods and Heroes such as the book of Job, and The Christian message. I will also be using a lot of the information from our notes, and I know it’s not a primary source reading, but it explains way more than books I have read. All of these documents will help show what happened over time with Christianity Erick Leonard Hist 120...
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Hist 120 Proposal paper - when the son of God Jesus had...

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