Christianity - 1 Christianity, is a path to enlighten...

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1 Christianity, is a path to enlighten ourselves to get to god, or was it the greatest weapon ever created? The way to get to God is through Jesus and his teachings. This religion was created to bring men together, and to have peace among us all. To me it was created to give men a certain set of morals and a perspective on how life should be lived. I will argue this on the grounds that man has turned a religion into a weapon to control others, to bend them to the churches will. I will show this by going through the history of Christianity, where it was meant to go, and how it ended up becoming a weapon. Jesus the son of God was born in a time that no one can truly pinpoint, considering time itself is built around Jesus. BC stands for "before Christ, and AD stands for the Latin phrase "anno domini" which means "in the year of our Lord." Jesus was no ordinary God like the Romans had ever witnessed before. Jesus was a very average man other than the fact that he did not have a normal birth. His mother had given birth to him a virgin, and that makes Jesus a man not from this earth. His father was a stone mason and Jesus himself was a carpenter. The Romans ideal image of a God is strong, powerful, and invincible. For the Romans to see a man claiming to be the son of God, but was not powerful and could kill anyone, but a man who loved the poor and the misfortunate, who healed and helped them, that was a threat to the Romans, an outcast. “Jesus demanded total commitment and private morality in a world where morality and religion were public and community functions. 1 ” This among many things had very much upset the Romans; this completely went against the Roman way. In the end the Romans did one of the 1 Wieben,Dr. Corinne. PPT 14. slide #3.
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2 most unconscionable acts of torture to Jesus. They had sentenced him to a painful and agonizing crucifixion. The first thing they would do is humiliate Jesus by stripping him of his loins and be lashed over and over with a “cat o nine” whip. This whip consists of nine different tips and each tip is different, this whip would strip the flesh right off of his back. Secondly they made him carry a cross that would be his death bed. Thirdly they stuck the cross in the ground and hung Jesus from it by three stakes, one through each of his wrists, and his feet be put together and a stake driven directly through his ankles. Last of all they put a crown of thorns on his head which
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Christianity - 1 Christianity, is a path to enlighten...

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