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Lab Rules - Students (2)

Lab Rules - Students (2) - Lab Rules Students No food or...

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Lab Rules - Students No food or drinks in the lab, AT ANY TIME , not just lab times. This also goes for the TAs. Disposal o Large red biohazard bags are for non-glass contaminated material. Please no regular trash, like paper towels. (DO NOT PUT TEST TUBES IN BIOHAZARD BAGS) o Small orange biohazard bags are for small non-glass contaminated material. Please no Petri plates or lens paper. o Plastic containers with mesh baskets (on student bench) are for glass slides only. o Discard pans are located on the table by the door. These pans are for test tubes only. o Extra test tube racks are in the bins in the lab rooms Spills should be cleaned using the disinfectant spray bottles on the student benches. o There is an extra jug of disinfectant students can use to refill the spray bottles when they become empty. Broken glass should be cleaned up by the students o Brooms and dust pans can be obtained from the non-lab hour rooms or from the media kitchen (BME 2.304) Microscopes o
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