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BIO 126 L EXAM I Sample exam 5 __________________________________ __________________________________ PRINT YOUR NAME (Last, First) Lab meeting time (Day, time, E or W) ___________________________________ TA’S NAME ___________________________________ Signature INSTRUCTIONS : BIO 126 L EXAM I has 11 pages, and 43 questions. There are a total of 200 points, accounting for 20% of your final grade. Place your name at the top of each page and check that your exam is complete. ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. Be brief and precise in your answers. DO NOT RAMBLE! You must show your calculations where asked. Copying and all other forms of cheating will be met with the appropriate disciplinary action. In case you dispute the answer that is deemed correct, you MUST first submit to your TA your question and the reason that you think your answer is the best (not just right, but the best of the answer choices) along with references that support your viewpoint. This must be done within 1 week after the exams are returned. YOU MUST HAND OVER YOUR COMPLETED EXAM TO YOUR TA WHEN LEAVING THE ROOM 1
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__________________________________ Choose the BEST answer; circle the appropriate answer, fill-in the blank, answer true or false, or write a brief answer as necessary. 1. (6 points) Indicate the appropriate safe disposal containers for the following items in the lab. Choose one (BEST) of the following : (A) test tube racks in the metal pans, (B) plastic beakers lined with biohazard bags, (C) plastic beaker with soap solution, (D) disinfectant jar, (E) trash-cans lined with biohazard bags, (F) regular trash-cans. a. Glass slide used for mixed cell suspension __________ b. Paper wrapping of the cotton swab used to make a lawn of E. coli __________ c. Culture of Vibrio natriegens from the cuvette (after you took its O.D.) __________ d. Glass beads used to spread bacterial cells __________ e. Test-tube containing a bacterial culture __________ f. Plastic micropipette tips (yellow ones) used for plating __________ 2. (3 points) A parfocal system of lenses has the advantage of a. making the focal length of all lenses the same b. increasing the depth of focus c. increasing the brightness of the image by pre focusing the light through an amplifying lens d. allowing all of the objective lenses to be approximately focused in the same horizontal plane 3. (3 points) The compound light microscope used in labs (BIO 126L) can be used to observe a. Amino acids, nucleus, viruses and bacteria b. Bacteria, yeast, paramecium and RBCs c. Proteins, nucleic acids, viruses and bacteria d. Ribosomes, nucleus, bacteria and RBCs 4. (3 points) Under which conditions is it necessary (useful) to use phase-contrast on your microscope? a.
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ReviewEX1sample05 - BIO 126 L EXAM I Sample exam 5 _ PRINT...

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