lecture7_302k - L./r"/"e*7 7mt> (-9"...

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L../r"/"e*7 A L$-r-o.L 7mt> (-9" s.,J'l^ W *rh.2oJs\. @ Annouou.r'*-1s t y*c'hce 'l'r e*t q'"-ka,"" 7l1y,!'s ar Lu^s Tuz d"e **f w""t'' Q-ue'J XV -!'" exaa ti U)e)S Tod.'y - TL, L*^'s o( muhon 1\. V'7 Prc-,.*ti I 0t frcs "f (^" l ^n, l,l \^n \€ /\et\a''toS T)^,, cou't4el r'zcla'ttn ,( p^Arc-!e's , rrXd, b'JeS, <Vslen9,th'Ot, V^U1 ,r-osl.aarc& unv19, $enad ' ) ulcS, ;++<tt ;u{5, rc.P/t 'fkni iu[S. r*r sV Jq ,( par od. eS ( / hc-0p9, ,c"-0. L,v d, *lton T'A T P* e c)',a^ laun 0n4 ' bod >^rhc nQ,rtlC6 unA-. S. -!u I k';"'2^Jtc; A) orJ " d V"a* tc;'i tl^r^22 ,nav<, l^n29 rn'o't€' ' rn ore rn*etv>+t7! La,-,1 Al\ ,unru-c:kdl, Dyn^r*r.s ls ry
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\u" s*nO? d.Vnarztcs 2 dtsc-rbe T-,o^) to-(,1^e4c€. t-.1tn7 ,!-*, 1 gornelL,tl/ r,uto,<S We cannrf no*-2 +k dL'-fu u)o' .-/.'J I .?to )'/ or't , ,-tn dz.f 9 oo'e e d-ert"-.!- u:a*I 'b T*- rl Urt tUdSe- 4@ 9 jA"^ I lrr+l'-/-(., r2s2tv''.rt m^ylr+ +LL aalz-'dvS' Dnt)twnrnz4+: 4-^5 ,-f{ c.',,,'--o-5, ut'nolu<A f'lo?"t' c@ch) elc, Tr*u,h, ?l ' .u" u< ph,69o5 ' eB rnuEl. etqod*-, hto )nT(4 .n) |'b rn,hoL ggeL "( A& lo'"0L 62rt<c-ll9t to tr,Ivszr;f d/ fbt| I LJR ' ' \c, o*u e na 4nt't o ,'t, Sfkrn'- t -'Lro* u-e' 5+udA,'.
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This note was uploaded on 03/30/2011 for the course PHY 302K taught by Professor Kaplunovsky during the Spring '08 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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lecture7_302k - L./r&quot;/&quot;e*7 7mt&gt; (-9&quot;...

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