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PHY3O2K Unlque # 56485 Review for Exam #1 15 September 2010 Guidelines for the exam: 1. Ten questions, multiple cholce. 2. You are permitted aze double-sided, hand-written formula sheet No other formulas are provided. For example, ifyou donrt know the sin of30 degrees, you'd better wrlte lt down. 3. A calculator wlll be pernritted, but wlll not be necessary. Gulde for revlew. We can put the stuff weVe studied so far into five groups. Two questions will be selected from each goup. Group 1: Preliminaries (Chapter l) - SI units, unit conversions, and dimensional analysis - Estimates, including orders of magnitude Group 2: Motlon in one dimension (Chapter 2) - Definitions ofposition, distance, average velocity, instantaneous velocity, speed, acceleration, etc. - Equations of motion with constant acceleration Group 3: Vectors (Chapter 3, Sec. 1-3) - Resolving a vector into components; figuring out the magnitude and direction of a vector given its components. - Addition and subtraction ofvectors; the scalar (dot) product. Group 4: Motion in two dimensions (Chapter 3, Sec. 3-5) - Displacement, velocity, and acceleration as vector quantities Projectile motion Group 5: Newton's Laws (Chapter 4, Sec. 1-4) The first law. the law of inertia - The second taw. f= rriii - The third laqf,, = -f1
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1 Group 1: Preliminaries Question 1: A certain physical quantity Q is equal to the density of an object times the magnitude of its acceleration. What are
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review_with_answers_302k - P HY3O2K Unlque# 56485 Reviewf...

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