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Running head: ASSIGNMANT: CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS 1 Assignment: Contemporary Problems Tiffanie Morrow HSM/210 01/17/2011 Erin O'Brien
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ASSIGNMANT: CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS 2 Assignment: Contemporary Problems In this assignment I chose a target population that I was recently a part of, new breast feeding mothers. In this decade there has been a positive push for mothers to nurse their babies rather than bottle feeding; however, as a nation we have only met a 36% average when the goal for 2010 was 50% (Holander, 2010). In California the Women, Infants, and Children Program (W.I.C.) is a federally funded health and nutrition program for pregnant mothers and children between the ages of zero to five years of age. The program focuses on nutrition education for mothers and provides food budget relief by issuing food coupons that can be used at local grocery stores ( , 2011). Pregnant mothers are encouraged to attend breastfeeding classes, support groups, and use the information hotline that W.I.C. provides. In a way, W.I.C. serves as an educational institution for new mothers that are considered lower income. Due to the increase in poverty levels the program is now overwhelmed with clients. Worse, the Federal Government has cut a substantial amount of their grant funding. To compensate for the financial loss, the program has adopted the idea of internet instruction. Using the internet as a learning tool is a wonderful idea; however, the low income level of many clients prevents them from utilizing the new
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