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Psychology - What is NORMAL psychological functioning Ave...

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Unformatted text preview: What is NORMAL psychological functioning? Ave ? rage Most Com on? m Optim al? C m crite for ABNORMALI TY om on ria De viance– diffe nt froma standard re Distre – for theindividual ss Dysfunction – inte re with daily living rfe s Dange – harmto se or othe r lf rs C ria for abnorm rite ality: constantly change differ depending on circumstances (e e rnal stre .g., xte ss) Szasz, “TheMyth of Mental I llness” - proble s in living m - instrum nt of oppre e ssion (e paranoia in low S groups) .g., ES - lle to hum e d anistic approache and e phasis on s m e nvironm ntal de rm e te inants Historical Approache s Historical 1. De onology vs. Me m dical Vie w 2. Moral Tre e atm nt 3. I m portant Historical Figure s Pine l Be in Rush njam Be Dorthe Dix a C lifford Be rs e 4. S atoge vs. Psychoge Pe ctive om nic nic rspe ...
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