edith psych 12 - Chapter 15. The Chemical Senses-...

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Chapter 15. The Chemical Senses- Psychology Terms to know: Are humans considered macrosmatic or microsmatic? Humans are microsmatic! Are humans typical mammals in this regard? Humans are less sensitive to odors than dogs, the reason being that humans have far fewer receptors than dogs- only about 10 milion receptors, compared to 1 billion for dogs What’s an example of a macrosmatic species? Sharks, Dogs Know the difference between a detection threshold and recognition threshold. How can you show that difference empirically? Detection threshold for odors is the lowest concentration at which an odorant can be detected. Difference threshold- the smallest difference in the concentration of two odors that can be detected Recognition threshold- the concentration at which quality can be recognized Know where the olfactory mucosa and olfactory bulb are located. If your olfactory mucosa were completely dry, would you be able to smell using your olfactory receptor neurons? (Slides) Olfactory Mucosa is located high in the nasal cavity that contains the receptors for
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edith psych 12 - Chapter 15. The Chemical Senses-...

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